OCEAA’s fundamental goal is for students to demonstrate academic excellence in all core content areas – language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies. Core subject instruction anchors both the English Mainstream and Two-Way Bilingual Immersion programs, thereby uniting the entire school community in the pursuit of high academic performance.

Core subjects are taught through dynamic units that align with California’s rigorous Common Core standards, which emphasize the knowledge and skills that students need for success in college and careers. Units culminate with performance tasks that require students to demonstrate their understanding of acquired knowledge and skills.

English Language Development instruction is designated and integrated throughout the day. Through collaboration and professional development from Expeditionary Learning, the new English Language Arts curriculum (Grades 4-8), and the new California English Language Development standards (Grades TK-8), teachers have received intensive training to ensure that English Learners are developing the academic language needed to succeed.

OCEAA students participate in school-wide, student-led parent conferences which encourages student responsibility and ownership of their education from the very beginning.

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