Starbucks Student Art Exhibit
1st Saturday of every month during the Downtown Santa Ana Art Walk
Starbucks, 4th St and Broadway

OCEAA offers a rich arts curriculum that includes discipline-focused instruction and infusion of the arts throughout core content lessons. Arts instruction is aligned with National Core Arts Standards which include creating, performing, responding and connecting to arts.

K-6 students develop foundational skills in music, visual arts, dance and theatre during exploratory arts rotations. Seventh and eighth grade students take year long arts courses that further develop their artistic repertoires.

Arts Integration

At OCEAA, we believe the arts help students develop the thinking, social, and motivational skills needed for success in school, work and life. The arts are also essential to invigorating the teaching of other fundamental school subjects. This practice is more commonly described as arts integration.

Arts integration is instruction that combines content and skills from the arts – dance, music, theatre and the visual arts – with other core subjects.

Through arts integration, teachers are able to:

  • Engage students in rigorous, in-depth study.
  • Enhance critical thinking, decision-making, and creativity.
  • Require students to reflect on their learning experiences.
  • Cultivate students’ individual learning styles.

OCEAA has partnered with the following organizations:

Arts Advantage
Bowers Museum
Broadway on Tour
The California Arts Project
Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
Downtown Inc.
East Los Angeles Theatre
El Centro Cultural
House of Blues
Orange County School of the Arts
Orange County Museum of Art
Orange County Performing Arts Center
South Coast Repertory
UCI Creative Connection
The Wooden Floor

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