On Wednesday the OCEAA Board of Directors approved two Blended Learning scenarios for reopening the 2020-21 school year and asked us to gather additional input before making a final selection for implementation in August. 

The scenarios described below both utilize a Blended Learning Model which combines Face to Face Learning and Online Learning.

Opening Scenario 1: Students Learn at School 2 days per week

  • 50% maximum student occupancy of campus buildings to meet social distancing guidelines; masks required at all times; students are divided into A & B Cohorts 
  • Face to Face Learning happens at school 2 days per week, Online Learning happens at home 3 days per week
    • Content organized around Crew Culture, Math, Literacy, and Integrated Projects
    • Virtual instructional aides provide online support during home learning days
  • Medically fragile or at risk students (estimating 10% based on current health records) are accommodated to learn full time at home
  • Strict health protocols may disrupt learning at school due to student or staff absence
  • No school space available for child care
  • If local conditions worsen, Scenario 2 will phase in

Opening Scenario 2: Students Learn at Home 5 days per week

  • Both Face to Face and Online Learning happen at home
    • Content organized around Crew Culture, Math, Literacy, and Integrated Projects
    • Face to Face Learning happens every day through scheduled whole class meetings, small groups, drop in sessions or via online messaging/chat tools
  • Students with the greatest needs (ELs, SPED, low income, foster and homeless youth) are identified and provided at-school supervision and support to ensure full access to the program
  • Opens up some school space for childcare for essential workers
  • Student and staff attendance are less likely to be disrupted
  • If local conditions improve, Scenario 1 will phase in

Parent Survey

Please submit by Wednesday, July 15, 2020